Why Us

Why Us

TASTE plays a significant role in the lives of students as a support structure in their course selection and career paths. Thousands of students graduate every year and among these, huge numbers are dissatisfied and demotivated regarding work options they can choose from. This can have a major impact on the road ahead for these aspiring young talents and it might just be the difference between making and breaking one’s career.

TASTE uses advanced psychology and a unique design to formulate 9 simple tests that determines a career path based on career dimensions. Persona llikes, inn ate talents, acquired skills and weak nessesare identified by these tests and evaluated by an adept team of career consultants. Each individual report is studied thoroughly and after comprehensive assessment, a career matching review is delivered.

The results will contain important parameters such as avoidable jobs, genuine interests, strengths, best suited courses, etc. In addition to the test results, our Gold and Platinum packages comprise a fully personal career counselling for your kids, not as a one-time service, but on going to guide your kids to the careers they a spire for. Plenty of children in India are breaking their minds trying hard for careers they are n’t meant to be in. Some may end up at a desk job with exhausting hours, others may toil away at construction sites for months. The reality is simple but difficult to get a cross to our huge population. TASTE has been walking hand-in-hand with the children of our nation, chasing their dreams just as if they were ours and entitling them to an unbiased future, to survive and to succeed.

Features of TASTE

With ScientificTest Design and personalised evaluation using Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Data Analytics, TASTE has an array of well developed and effective tools at your service. Our career experts carefully study test results and the report willbee-mailed with in a day.

Efficient & scientific Test Engine

The test engine has been programmed using ArtificialIntelligence & Data analytics to pinpoint your endeavours and equip you for the future. Only a few clicks away from realising what you really want to do!

3-way approach

The test outlines the route map towards success using career dimensions, defines what an ideal career for you should look like and understands your liking, capabilities and character traits.

Job Suitability Matrix

We’ve got our own trade marked career matching system that tabulates for you,an astounding 100 careers and how suitable you are for each one of them!

Academic route finder

TASTE doesn’t stop at identifying the best careersfor you. Its career planning tool discovers the most suitable academic courses that you should pursue after school/college,finding the route to yourd ream job!

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